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Soutenance de thèse Mattia Gustarini


M. Mattia Gustarini soutiendra, en vue de l'obtention du grade de docteur ès économie et management, mention systèmes d'information et science des services, sa thèse intitulée

Analysing Smartphone Users’ “Inner-Self”: The Perception of Intimacy and Smartphone Usage Changes


To be more intelligent, mobile services and applications rely on users’ context, but we have not yet investigated how users perceive this context and how to leverage this perception to create even more intelligent services. To represent the perception of the context of users, we define users’ intimacy as their familiarity with their current place, the number of people and kind of people around them. According to the dictionary, the adjective ‘intimate’ describes the context (place or setting) as familiar, being private and comfortable. With a first user study, we validate the intimacy concept, we establish that users use mobile services differently in different intimacy situations, and we create a first theoretical model able to estimate the intimacy of users. With a second user study, we evaluate the accuracy of intimacy predictability in practice, we verify its limitations, and we propose different solutions addressing these limitations. Finally, we show how the intimacy concept can be leveraged in practice. It can be used for studies on users’ context or deployed by app developers (to automate services or create better UIX). Advertisers can use it to deliver their content at the right moment, and it can support the innovative projects, as Google Project Tango.


The Thesis Jury

  • Prof. Gilles Falquet (president of the jury)
  • Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Wac (thesis director)
  • Prof. Dimitri Konstantas (thesis co-director)
  • Prof. François Grey (internal examiner)
  • Prof. Anind K. Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (external examiner)
  • Prof. Effie Lai-Chong Law, University of Leicester, UK (external examiner)

Date: Mardi 23 février 2016 à 10h00

Lieu: Battelle bâtiment A - Salle de cours 404-407 (3ème étage)

11 février 2016
  À la Une