Cellular automata modeling of physical systems

B. Chopard and M. Droz

Cambrige University Press Collection Alea, 1998

ISBN: 0 512 46168 5


This book provides a self-contained introduction to cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann techniques.

Beginning with a chapter introducing the basic concepts of this developing field, a second chapter describes methods used in cellular automata modeling. Following chapters discuss the statistical mechanics of lattice gases, diffusion phenomena, reaction-diffusion processes and non-equilibrium phase transitions. A final chapter looks at other models and applications, such as wave propagation and multiparticle fluids. With a pedagogic approach, the volume focuses on the use of cellular automata in the framework of equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical physics. It also emphasises application-oriented problems such as fluid dynamics and pattern formation. The book contains many examples and problems. A glossary and a detailed bibliography are also included.

This will be a valuable text for graduate students and researchers working in statistical physics, solid state physics, chemical physics and computer science.